Why Urban Planners and Fleet Managers Invest in the Case Backhoe

A backhoe for sale is a commonly sought piece of construction machinery that urban planners and fleet managers from multiple industries research with the goal to find a high-quality, reliable and comfortable piece of construction machinery that will help ensure their project stays on point. There are many construction machinery brands to choose from, but there are a number of specific reasons why professionals invest in a Case backhoe for sale as opposed to other solutions. This article will explain why the Case backhoe is the best investment compared to other brands. 

Case Invented the World’s First Backhoe

The Case backhoe is truly special because the brand invented the world’s first backhoe. Why buy a backhoe for sale from another brand when you can invest in one that was actually imagined and engineered by Case? In the mid 1940s the first hydraulic wheel loader was designed and invented by Case, and in 1952 the brand created the world’s first tractor loader backhoe for the Holden Water Department in Massachusetts. As a pioneer in construction equipment and innovator in imagining the best solutions for needs in the world of urban family, demolition, construction and other areas, the Case backhoe is a time-honored favorite due to the fact the brand actually invented the construction machine, and this is why fleet managers in multiple industries invest in it. 

Every Case Backhoe is Maintained by Master Technicians

When you buy a Case backhoe, whether it’s new or second-hand, you automatically have 24/7 access to Master Technicians at all Case construction dealerships. This reason alone is one main motivator for fleet managers and urban planners who are looking for a reliable backhoe for sale. Case Master Technicians have gone through demanding courses and have taken grueling tests to earn their title–a role that makes them true masters in servicing and repairing all construction machines in the Case fleet. In fact, they work exclusively on Case construction machinery and no other brand thus ensuring fleet managers get the best care. 

The Case Backhoe is Readily Available

Often, urban planners and fleet managers invest in a Case backhoe because they are so accessible. Case construction dealerships are conveniently located all over the country providing easy access for fleet managers to seek maintenance, repairs, parts, and to invest in a backhoe for sale or any other piece of Case construction machinery. In fact, the licensed Case dealership Sonsray Machinery has the largest collection of locations where one can buy a Case backhoe on the West Coast, Case construction dealerships are located all over California from the state’s southern, central and northern regions, has multiple locations in Nevada, Oregon and Washington. 

Location is everything, as is innovation and reliability, and for these reasons the Case backhoe is a favorite with fleet managers and urban planners all over the country.