Why NJ Businesses Should Contact an Oil Tank Removal Company in Year 1

New Jersey is an ideal place for opening up large scale industrial sites, warehouses, and other types of big businesses. Taxes are lower when comparing NJ to surrounding states, and commercial properties come with a lower cost. But with these benefits comes a danger. And the good news is that this danger can be easily avoided.

When you launch your business and open your new location, make sure to contact a commercial oil tank removal company in NJ before you do anything else. Doing so can save you thousands of dollars, and in some cases protect you from losing your business license. 

At the turn of the century oil tanks were buried on commercial properties to provide heating and hot water to buildings. Unfortunately, these oil tanks have a life expectancy of 80 to 100 years. As a result, we are already seeing them disintegrate into the ground thus causing costly damage to the natural environment. 

Avoid Expensive Fines with an Oil Tank Removal Company

Whether or not you knew about an existing oil tank, and leak that falls in the radar of the state and federal government can warrant costly fines. NJ has strict environmental laws, and if old petroleum and other waste materials leak into the soil and groundwater, the cleanup can amass to millions. When you buy a commercial property for your business, call an oil tank removal company to come weep the property for tanks. These experts use special sonar equipment to locate buried oil tanks. Once one is detected, soil samples are analyzed to determine if there was a leak. If petrol is present, soil remediation will carry out and the oil tank will be safely removed and disposed of leaving you free from the potential snare of a lawsuit of heft fine imposed by the state and federal government.

Improve Employee Morale

Enough studies (and common sense) tell business owners that when employees feel they are in a safe work environment, their productivity goes up. By calling an oil tank removal company to come sweep the property for buried oil tanks, employees will see first hand that leadership cares about offering a safe work environment. Old oil tanks often contain carcinogens, and these days most people focus on lifestyle choices that might lower their risks of getting cancer. When you can assure your employees that the ground and water around the property is clean and 100% safe, people will go the extra mile for your company, and your bottom line will reflect the boost in dedication and efficiency. 

Go Green

When you sweep for oil tanks and have any detected ones removed, you are making our earth a tad healthier. By doing such an act you can promote your business as green-forward, and society loves companies that make an effort to reduce their carbon footprint. 

Call a NJ oil tank removal company that specializes in commercial properties today, and protect your reputation.