Why a Solid New Jersey Home Improvement Strategy Should Involve Calling Oil Tank Sweep NJ Services

The state of New Jersey has one of the best real estate markets in the country. And while every responsible homeowner in the country will embark on a home improvement mission, whether their intention is to sell their home or simply maintain its value and integrity, New Jersey homeowners tend to do this all the more as the market is hot and any home with the highest integrity maintained will garner the highest possible resale value.

When most homeowners set off to do some home improvement, it typically involves tasks like remodeling the kitchen and bathrooms, removing carpet and replacing it with hardwood flooring, adding an outdoor space, create an open concept living space, replace the roof, add an extra bedroom, and do some serious landscaping. But most people fail to realize that calling an oil tank sweep NJ company to come inspect the property for buried oil tanks adds value to homes, and can prevent thousands in damage and harm to the environment.

This article is intended to help educate homeowners in the Garden State on the value of having oil tank sweep NJ services come and scan residential grounds for buried oil tanks and how the service contributes to a solid home improvement strategy.

Why Oil Tank Sweep NJ Companies are Needed

At the turn of the century, homes built in New Jersey relied on buried oil tanks to provide heating and hot water to homes. The problem was that these tanks were built to last for roughly 100 years, and already we are roughly 20 years past that clock. This means oil tanks are deteriorating into the ground and are releasing carcinogenic waste, toxins and contaminants into the environment making the land unhealthy.

If your home was built between 1890 and 1920, you will definitely want to call for oil tank sweep NJ companies to come and perform oil tank detection and removal services. Even if your home is new but was built on a lot that once had a home standing on it from the turn of the century, an oil tank sweep NJ company should come and determine if your property is clear. In the event an oil tank is discovered, it can be removed and disposed of giving you full peace of mind.

Oil Tank Sweeps Increase a Home’s Resale Value

If you are performing home improvement tasks to help amp up your home’s resale value, calling an oil tank sweep NJ company is critical. We already mentioned that the New Jersey real estate market is hot, and this means selling homes is hyper competitive. It also means buyers and their agents are savvy and look for any loophole to get a price reduction. In order to stay competitive and make your home more desirable to buyers, you will want to include a certificate from an oil tank sweep NJ services provider stating the property is free from any buried oil tanks or contaminated soil. This matters to buyers because if they purchase a home with a leaking oil tank, they are liable even if the tank existed before they bought the home. There are numerous instances where homeowners have had to pay tens of thousands of dollars in damage caused by leaking oil tanks on newly acquired properties. A green light is attractive to buyers, offers them peace of mind, and is a great investment to any home improvement strategy if you plan to sell your home, or simply ensure it is a safe place for friends and family.