How Virtual Home Tours Help Builders Sell More Homes

If you are the owner of a home building firm, CFO, director of sales, or you play some type of role that involves streamlining the sales process and saving your company money along the way, then you are also partially accountable for finding home builder technology software that can help offer an amazing buyer’s experience while cutting cost along the way. When it comes to finding the best virtual home tours software company that can help you hit your sales goals, it is important to know exactly how this takes place. Therefore, this article will help you understand how virtual home tours help builders sell more homes while reducing internal costs along the way.

Virtual Home Tours Keep Buyer’s Emotionally Connected to Properties

Some home builders lose millions of dollars by failing to keep buyers emotionally invested into the homes they tour. A potential buyer can tour a model home, then they will likely go tour half a dozen more. In fact, according to, the typical buyer tours an average of six homes before making a purchasing decision, and more than 90 percent of the time the buyer purchases one of the latter homes seen. These statistics go to prove a simple fact: it’s easy to lose touch with the first few homes seen. But when builders have virtual home tours, buyer’s can revisit that home again and again so that it always stays fresh and front and center.

Virtual Home Tours Help Buyers Imagine the Possibilities

How many times have you had buyers walk a model home and criticize the layout, flooring, or kitchen design? Even though you tell the buyer they can customize a number of things in a home, if people can’t make that visual connection, they seldom make a purchase. Today’s newest virtual home tour software also allows buyers to add their own kitchen counters, backsplash, sinks, light fixtures, move walls, add crown molding, and any other design option you can think of. And all of this is done in photo real technology giving buyers a realistic look at what their home could look like with the right design options. Not only is VR home staging and virtual tour software fun for buyers, it helps them see what their home can be, and therefore aid in increasing sales.

Save On Internal Manpower and Expenses, Sell More Homes

Another way virtual home tours help builders sell more homes is by freeing up a lot of internal expenses and team member’s times so they can focus on areas that play a more direct role into selling. For example, design centers cost thousands of dollars each month to run. You have to keep all the latest materials in stock, and simply doing the research to see what is in demand (what buyers want / what’s popular), purchasing these materials, managing inventory, and running a staff to do this is expensive. But did you know virtual home tours and VR home design software removes the need for stocking materials, managing inventory, and paying the salaries to maintain this sector? Today’s savvy VR home design software and virtual tour companies use photo real technology to let buyers see exactly what their options are when it comes to building a new home, and the cost is literally a small fraction of traditional operational costs.