How to Identify the Best Solar Companies Los Angeles Offers

The solar panel industry is blowing up. With all the rebates and government incentives to go solar, the cost of solar panels is now more affordable than ever so that almost any household or business can afford them. And with this comes an upsurge in the numbers of solar panel Los Angeles companies that spring up in the city. But not all of these are equal, nor do they offer the same investment.

There are three main profiles for solar panel companies Los Angeles offers to homes and businesses: (1) established solar panel companies in Los Angeles with many decades of experience in business, (2) solar panel companies that have been around for a few years, and (3) the “Chuck in a truck” type solar panel service provider that sources his materials from other parties and sells and installs the products from the back of his van.

This article is intended to help homeowners and business owners understand why these types matter, how they are different, and what to look for in the best solar panel companies Los Angeles has in their county limits that offers buyers top deals, high-quality work, and cost-saving incentives.

The Best Solar Companies Los Angeles has Have Been Running for at Least 10 Years

When you go to buy a pool table or even a car, the amount of time the seller has been in business means nothing. Why? Because you have hundreds of options for getting these products repaired by any number of businesses across Los Angeles. But this is not the case for buying solar panels. By law, the only company that can make repairs to your solar system, perform maintenance, or even make adjustments is the company itself that installed the solar system. If another provider even touches the solar panels, the warranties become void.

This is why the best solar companies Los Angeles offers have been in business for at least a decade, and show no sign of closing shop. After all, if solar companies Los Angeles boast have been in business for 10 long years, clearly there is little chance they are in financial trouble and are in danger of shutting down their business.

What Solar Panel Warranty Has More Value to Buyers?

The best solar companies Los Angeles offers also have the best solar panel warranty. So what does this look like? You will come across companies with 10 year warranties and even 15-year warranties on solar panels. On the surface, this may sound great, but in reality, it is anything but that. The best solar companies Los Angeles offers have warranties with a minimum of 25 years, and these warranties don’t just cover the panels themselves. The best solar panel warranty will have 25 years of coverage for the following things, in addition to the panels:


  • Performance guarantee
  • Racking
  • Roofing
  • Craftsmanship
  • Inverter


All too often homeowners and business owners don’t do their research and they wind up getting experiencing costly roof damage that brings on severe water damage during the next rain storm–damage initially caused by solar panel installers damaging the roof.

The best solar companies Los Angeles has in its city limits work to make sure their client’s investment is fully covered and protected by comprehensive warranties, so when buying solar panels, make sure your provider measures up.