How Custom Frame Stores in Venice Beach can Transform the Energy in Your Living Space

If you live in Venice Beach, CA or anywhere in Los Angeles for that matter, then you know you are in a population that has set the bar high when it comes to style. First of all, multiple studies prove that maintaining a modern or contemporary look to one’s home or office invokes greater energy that can be calming, glamorous, and even encouraging.

While some people spend a great deal of money to re-paint everything and add new furniture (and that’s fine) others who crave an amazing impact on a budget visit custom frame stores in Venice Beach CA to enhance a piece of art that will breathe new life into a room.

This article is intended to help savvy individuals who appreciate a specific style blended with unique artistic flares learn all about Venice Beach frame stores and the value they offer any living space that strives to be different. 

Custom Art Frames Define a Style

Whether you are striving for a mid-century modern look, or a shabby chic one, the right custom art frames can help enhance the design style. Even if someone is trying to create a space that incorporates two different styles, custom frame stores in Venice Beach can recommend the right art frames based on the room’s aesthetics, and the artwork that is to be featured.

For example, if someone wants to create a luxurious room that nods to the Victorian era, or a room that draws inspiration from the Renaissance, a gold leaf frame for artwork would be an ideal way to drum up sophistication without breaking the bank.

If you have a painting that depicts a 19th century hunting scene, or a high-quality reproduction of a 16th century piece, a gold leaf frame will allow the semblance of that energy flow throughout the room. 

Do you have a minimal space with clean lines in shades of white and gray? A colorful piece of art with a subdued metal frame can enhance the modern vibe of the room while preventing the colors in the art from running too wild. The right frame can help you create and maintain the right style for any space. 

Venice Beach Frame Stores Help You Display Creative Competitiveness 

Of all the neighborhoods in Los Angeles, Venice Beach arguably has the highest standards when it comes to interior style. Whether one is talking about the style and vibe of a restaurant, an office building, a hotel, or one’s home, people pay attention to the structures and their rooms in the neighborhood, and always strive to outdo one another when it comes to style and design.

When you visit Venice Beach frame stores such as Framed on Venice Blvd, trained creatives will examine your artwork, view the images of your space where you intend to hang the art, and ask about the look and feel you strive to create.

Knowing how to choose a texture, color and material when it comes to custom art frames is key for taking your artwork to that next level that will transform your room into a prized space designed to emulate the sensations of your specific desire.