How Businesses Get the Best Value from Snow and Ice Management Companies

You may have heard it from ‘Game of Thrones’, but winter is coming, and with it an epic battle: businesses fighting the elements to keep their commercial property clear and safe for customers and shoppers to enter, and spend money. But in order to get the best value from a snow and ice management company, you need to learn what specialties are performed within these services, as well as the approach taken by your provider. This article is intended to help store managers, regional managers, and executive decision makers for brands and organizations learn how to locate snow and ice management companies that offer the best value for commercial properties. 

Locate a Snow and Ice Management Company that Offers Year-round Strategic Planning

Just because the snow and ice comes in winter, doesn’t mean its impact is restricted to those months. In the Spring commercial properties often need clean-up from all the melted snow and ice, as well as the debris that usually comes in. This is also a typical time for catch basins to get damages, as well as concrete and asphalt vulnerabilities to be uncovered. That said, your company’s grounds management will vary according to every season, and special attention will need to be given during winter while snow and ice removal services are performed with strategic planning added to help minimize upcoming damage in Spring. Preventative measures and strategic planning are must-haves if you really want to get the most value from snow and ice removal management companies. 

Secure a Contract with a Good Snow and Ice Management Company Months Before Winter

Savvy businesses will actually start searching for snow and ice management companies in summer? Why? Because the good national snow and ice management companies that offer the best value with more robust services book up very quickly, so getting your foot through their door early is advantageous. The better the snow and ice management company, the better the value in your investment. And the top commercial grounds maintenance companies that perform snow and ice management services always book up fast! So be proactive to get the best deal!

Look for Snow and Ice Management Companies that Implement Your Needs into their Services

Make sure any snow and ice management company you contract with performs the right services at the time you need them, based on your customer’s engagement behavior. For example, if you run a chain of restaurants that open at 5PM, you will naturally want to have a snow and ice management company come and remove snow from your sidewalk and parking lot, stack it off to the side, perform de-icing services, and salt the asphalt and concrete a few hours before you open your doors, and not at the time you open. If the job is taking place during business hours, people will be motivated to find another location with easier access. If your business is open 24 hours, then arrange for this to be done late at night when crowds are smaller. Finally, a good snow and ice management provider will perform their services according to your customer’s needs. So if you get more significantly more foot traffic from people that park in public lots, they may prioritize your pathways and sidewalks before tackling the parking lot. Or if most people drive in to your business, the parking lot might be tackled before the sidewalks are addressed. 

At the end of the day, you will get the most value from a snow and ice management company that you can contract with early, that uses strategic planning, and that keeps your customer’s needs front and center at all times.