Differences Between A Condominium And An Apartment

Probably you’ve ever heard the term “condominium” and you haven’t even paid so much attention to it, it’s those terms that you think and your mind automatically assumes that you know what they are, because you have an idea, but if you analyze it, in reality, you don’t know in-depth what a condominium is and what are the differences that exist between this and an apartment, because although it’s true that they have quite a few similarities, they aren’t really the same, something that’s very common to assume. And if you’ve already asked yourself or at this point, the question arose we let you know what are the differences between a condominium and an apartment. 

A condominium is nothing other than a shared property and it contains different units of individual property, it is quite similar to an apartment, the big difference between these two is that one can be rented and the other has to be bought. The apartment can be bought or rented, depending on what each person wants, with a condominium is different, this can not be rented, it can only be bought. There are those who think that the difference is in the luxury, that the condominiums are more luxurious than the apartments, although this is not necessarily true. A condominium usually offers many services and amenities to the owners, such as the following: 

Maintenance of common areas 

A condominium usually has common areas such as game rooms, some have cinemas, among many other things that serve the purpose of providing good service to people, all these areas that are common use receive special maintenance to always be in the best way to receive the people who live there. 

Garden Care 

The condominiums usually have gardens and as we well know the gardens need special care so that they always look beautiful between the care they need are the watering of plants, fertilizer plants and trimming of shrubs and trees depending on what is in the garden, all this with the point that they look nice and do not form animals that can be found later inside the home. 


This is another of the great advantages that condominiums offer and is that in some apartments there is often the problem that there is no place to park and you fight for it, however condominiums all the time often have places where you can park you and your visitors. 

Pool Care 

Another of the main attractions of a condominium is that all of them have a swimming pool for common use, although many apartments currently already have this modality also, however in a condominium you have the total security that you will have it and above all that it will always be in excellent condition for use. 

However, the fact of obtaining certain benefits also means that it is necessary to comply with regulations and policies of them, which are usually the payment of annual fees, maintenance, and remodeling for good exterior maintenance of the place and sometimes respect for pet areas. 

These are some of the main features of a condo and also differences with an apartment, so now that you know the main features and differences you can decide and look for condos for sale in Baja California and enjoy all the benefits of getting one